Safety Policy


Sailing Ventures' policy is to manage all operations in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety of employees, charterers, students and the public. The philosophy is to prevent injury and impact to the environment by assigning personnel with expertise and providing programmes and resources to support this effort. 

To accomplish this a management system will be maintained which will focus on preventative activities, whilst realising that incidents can occur which shall be responded to accordingly. To meet this goal Sailing Ventures will: 

  • Provide a principal who shall be responsible for all safety issues, including allocation of adequate resources and maintaining standards.
  • Provide regular briefing and de-briefing sessions for all instructors, charterers and students including:
    - services isolation e.g. Seawater, gas, diesel, electrics.
    - safety equipment e.g. Harnesses & lifejackets, firefighting equipment, pyrotechnics, first aid, liferaft. 
    - identifying high risk areas and rules for accident prevention e.g. running downwind and working on the foredeck in a seaway.
  • Develop and maintain high housekeeping and operating standards. 
  • Provide training needed to protect human, environmental and physical resources.


group of men on a yacht posing for photophoto of flare going off

Principal - Martin Fordham, MRIN, Yachtmaster Ocean (RYA Instructor)